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Monday 15 May 2017

Haaf Netting - The Fight Goes On


As the haaf-netting season gets underway this month, the Solway fishermen are still fighting to preserve their centuries-old tradition.
Mark Messenger, chairman of the haaf-netters’ association, is continuing to negotiate with the Environment Agency for the right to use nets in the Solway. The two sides have until the end of this year to reach an agreement otherwise the sport will be governed by a national by-law making its future even less certain.
The Environment Agency claim stocks of salmon in the Eden are low, but Mark refutes that. He says the agency is encouraging more people to fish with rods while the haaf-netters are subject to tight restrictions.
This season the haaf-netters are allowed to fish between 10am and 10pm on weekdays only and can keep just 10 salmon per season.
Mark says: Rod fishermen and riperian owners on the Eden are a wealthier, more powerful lobby than us but we will carry on pushing for our rights. We are the only place left in the world where haaf-netting is practised.”