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Monday 05 February 2018

Live jazz sets Bowness swinging

Arts Out West have done it again – come up with a sparkling night of entertainment for the people of Bowness. 

This time it was jazz, and not just any old jazz. Four musicians at the top of their game came up from London to set a packed Lindow Hall swinging.

The Dime Notes give a fresh take on some of the earliest, blues-infused jazz of the 1920s from player/composer legends such as Jelly Roll Morton, Jonny Dodds and Red Nichols.

Clarinettist David Horniblow (yes, really) who fronted the quartet, played for years with the Chris Barber band – and it showed. His breathtaking skill was matched by young American pianist Andrew Oliver whose encyclopedic knowledge of the early jazz scene gave rise to some entertaining anecdotes. Versatile Bass player Tom Wheatley and veteran rhythm guitarist Dave Kelbie completed the quartet.

Stomps, blues, grooves and sultry melodies glided effortlessly from keyboard to string to clarinet leaving listeners entranced.
Hearing those early compositions it was easy to imagine how, a hundred years ago, jazz rocked and rattled first the USA and later the world, sparking a musical and cultural revolution.

Thanks again, Arts Out West.


Monday 23 October 2017

When Magic and Science Collide - Reviews

Minds were manipulated in Bowness recently when Arts Out West staged its latest show at the Lindow Hall. Oliver Meech, comedian, scientist and magician, presented an entertainment for all the family described as ‘a comedy-magic show for the QI generation’ - a fun-filled fusion of magic, mirth and mind-reading.
Oliver studied psychology at Oxford; creativity at top London ad agencies and trickery at the Magic Circle and here’s what four young cousins who saw the show thought of him:

‘Oliver is extremely tall with the longest legs in the world, and great at magic. He is NEVER distracted and great at blowing minds and entertainment and everybody wants to help him in his tricks. I think he is great at presenting his speech. I loved it when he read my mind and played tricks on the audience. I LOVED every minute and can’t wait for the next show.’ 
Charlie Harrison aged 9

‘Oliver Meech, who is tall and has long legs, mixed magic and science into a great show. He mainly used playing cards but had other props, like a plastic brain. The audience shouted, clapped and found the show fascinating and interesting. The smaller children especially got very excited and the show is good for all ages and gets everyone involved. Oliver Meech is very skilled and makes everything he does look like real magic. I would recommend this as a show for the whole family to go and watch together.’
Megan Irving aged 12

‘Oliver Meech is a magician who uses science in his tricks. He did card tricks, and used paper and robots to show how your brain can get confused. The highlights were when he guessed what cards people had in their hands and it was also good at the end when he had a machine which made the food he wanted it to make. It was a show worth going to see and I really enjoyed it.’
Alf Fosker aged 12

‘Oliver Meech is a gifted magician who does a brilliant job of combining science and magic, from showing how your brain gets confused by colour and words to weird and wonderful machines like the one that magically made food. Children and adults were laughing throughout his performance. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to all age groups.
Jake Fosker aged 14