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Saturday 21 October 2017

Parish Council September Meeting

The September meeting of Bowness Parish Council heard that the parish website may be developed to include representation from areas outside Bowness village. Port Carlisle Community and Recreation Association have asked to be included and Anthorn Community Association had been consulted but had not yet responded. Councillors agreed to make enquiries within their areas of the parish so that the website could be developed to include them simultaneously.

Members heard that a grant of around £800 had been made for the playground at Glasson by Cumbria County Council.
Anthorn Community Association had applied for a grant for a defibrillator and councillors were generally supportive but wanted to see a more detailed breakdown of costs. The Anthorn association had also applied for a grant for a new floor in the village hall but had not been able to supply a quotation in time for the parish council meeting, so the matter was deferred until the November meeting.

Members were generally satisfied with the condition of benches in the parish but felt that the bench on the coast road near the viaduct required attention. The bench bears a plaque with the inscription ‘Francis Clark 1914-1988 and Janet Miles Clark 1915-2002’ and the council is appealing for any living relatives to contact the clerk.

Councillors will be writing to the county council with three requests from the parish: a missing road sign at Drumburgh; a request for a cattle grid near Drumburgh village and a plea for traffic calming measures in Glasson.

* This report is taken from draft minutes which will be considered for approval at the council’s next meeting on Wednesday, November 8 at 7pm in the Bower, Port Carlisle.


Friday 01 September 2017

Report from draft minutes

Bowness could have two long-awaited cattle grids approved and installed in the coming year, parish councillors heard at their July meeting.
County Councillor Tony Markley gave the good news and also expressed a hope that there would be some County funding for new work at Glasson playground.
He said the Highways Department was about to embark on significant road work in the next year which could result in local traffic disruption.
Members heard that planners had granted permission for the developer Ian Hunter to create shepherds hut holiday accommodation on the former orchard at Bowness House Farm. The parish council had objected to this proposal.
After the establishment of a defibrillator in Bowness, there are now moves to acquire them for Glasson and Anthorn, and the council heard it may be approached with funding requests.
The problem of providing land for burials in the parish was discussed. Extra land will soon be needed and members heard that St Michael’s church council had approached a local landowner concerning an adjacent piece of land to be used for a burial ground extension.
The council heard that, if it fell to them to assume responsibility to maintain a burial ground, this would require a great deal of time, work and funding. Councillors are to monitor the ongoing situation.
* This report is taken from draft minutes which will be considered for approval at the council’s next meeting on September 13 at 7pm at the Lindow Hall, Bowness.



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Monday 04 June 2018

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Monday 11 June 2018

Parish Council News

Bowness Parish Council has a new chairman. Marian Carruthers was elected to the post at the May meeting when Pauline Hinks was elected deputy chairman.

Councillors agreed to contribute towards the cost of buying land to extend Bowness graveyard, subject to a formal application for a sum of money from St Michael’s church council, and the resolution of other matters connected with the creation of a larger burial ground.

County councillor Tony Markley told members that the long-awaited cattle grids for Bowness were now on the county council’s works programme for 2018/19 along with repairs to some roads in the parish.

Grants were awarded by the council to the following: £1,812 to Glasson Community Association for a toddler swing at the village playground; £612 for grass cutting at St Michaels Church; £2,850 to Bowness Community Group towards the cost of a skiff-building kit, trailer and safety equipment for a community rowing boat; £400 to  Anthorn Sports Club for tennis coaching. A grant of £1,750 was requested by  Solway Haafnet Salmon Trust towards a defibrillator at Glasson and the council agreed to accept this application subject to evidence being produced to show the deposit of money raised for the defibrillator by the lottery raffle.

Members heard that a planning application to convert buildings at Pear Tree Farm, Bowness to a tea room had been withdrawn.

A request by a Glasson resident to excavate three trenches across the lane opposite the pub in Glasson was rejected as members felt the applicant would need to approach the County Archeologist first, given the historical significance of the site.

Councillor Hinks raised concerns some residents had about late night disturbances and waste on Drumburgh Moss Lonning and borough councillor Vaughan Hodgson agreed to report the matter to Allerdale Council and the police.

The council expressed concern that Allerdale Council was thinking of devolving the responsibility for and cost of footway lighting to parish councils. Borough councillor Hodgson said he doubted that many parish councils would be able to meet such costs.

The next council meeting is at 7pm on Wednesday, July 11 at Anthorn Village Hall.


* This account is taken from draft minutes of the May meeting which are subject to approval at the July meeting.


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Tuesday 25 September 2018

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