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Tuesday 04 April 2017

What Grand Fellers!

Pictured are the team headed by Mike Waning (front left) who took down a large, multi-trunked fir tree in Bowness churchyard which was threatening to fall on gravestones.
A hard Sunday afternoon’s work was put in by Mike and his family – Hannah, Mikey and Robbie – as well as Richard, John, Joseph and Jonathan Wills, Anna and James Paisely and Fenella  Watson.
A useful seat was carved out of the huge tree stump near the smuggler’s grave.


Tuesday 31 January 2017

Regular Sunday Services

Sunday Services


Kirkbride Newton Arlosh Bowness
1st  09:30 HC 10:45 HC 18:30 EP
2nd 09:30 HC 10:45 MP 11:00 HC
3rd 09:30 HC 10:45 HC 11:00 MP
4th 09:30 HC   11:00 HC



Saturday 14 January 2017


Bowness Church, dedicated to St Michael, has a long and interesting history associated with it. The font dates back to Norman times so there must have been a church on the present site for around 900 years although the first Rector recorded here was in 1265. The Church itself is built very largely with stones taken from the Roman Fort of Bowness (Maia) which marked the western extremity of the wall built by the Emperor Hadrian. Good examples of these Roman stones can be seen particularly in the west wall and to the east of the window near the pulpit. Visitors should be sure to explore the graveyard which has some significant stones recording an interesting social history. The church was restored at the end of the 19th century when the low ceiling was removed and the roof opened out. One can now easily imagine the church to have been built in the shape of a ship – upside down with the central beam running the length of the church to represent the keel. The church has an enviable collection of stained glass windows. The early morning sun shining through the east window, the evening sun through the west and the late midsummer sun lighting up all the glass in the transept is breathtaking. Modern embroideries seen in the banners, hassocks and cushions are notable for their colour, individuality and representation of the locality.


Wednesday 08 March 2017

St Michael's Church Annual Report 2016